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Mukashi, mukashi...

Mais on se demandera toujours *pourquoi* ils ont choisi le Néolithique...

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Location:Okinawa, Japan
Well, I should write a few words in this box...
Err... My real name is Alexandra Garrigue. I'm an archaeologist. My researches deal with the transition between two periods of Japanese protohistory, and this journal is about Japanese archaeology. I'm afraid it is written in French (with the Japanese sources in, well... Japanese), since my not-so-secret goal-in-life is to bring Japanese archaeology to the French audience.
If days lasted 44 hours I would write translation of the articles in English but... well, I'm 20 hours a day short for this ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌

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action films related to the end of the world, anthropology, archaeology, archaeozoology, artefacts, bones, bronze age, burials, chalcolithic, colin renfrew, cooking, crafting, dogus, earthenware, excavations, experimental archaeology, fantasy, henri duday, ikimonogakari, iron age, j-dramas, japanese archaeology, jomon, mongol800, neolithic, palaeobotany, palaeolithic, peter bellwood, physical anthropology, prehistory, protohistory, reenactment, sewing, shell middens, spending the week-end in the 12th century, stone implements, tea, the blue hearts, useful statistics, yayoi, yves coppens, 中石器時代, 人骨, 先史時代, 史跡, 土器, 埋蔵, 実証実験, 弥生時代, 形質人類学, 文化財, 新石器時代, 日本考古学, 旧石器時代, 発掘, 石器, 縄文時代, 貝塚, 遺跡, 鉄器時代, 青銅器時代, 骨角器
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